Steve Joyce

The Encounters projects explore the nature of encounter through objects and projections, to engage the viewer in exhibition installations



Viewing Points

Viewing Points is an installation that interacts with the viewer as the presented images are significantly depleated draw visitors in and situated to mimic an encounter that the viewer might find familiar.  It reenacts the encounter rather than simply depict the landscape in the images. 

The images are standard 10 x 15 cm photographs cut and peeled to retain only the vaguest traces of the terrain denoted.


Public Speaking

Public speaking was a projection installation exploring the nature of encounter and exchange. The figures look up expectantly to the light as if to speak and punctuate the received text. The text derives from fragments of overheard conversations as a steam of written documentation. Over time the figures in a futile gesture try to apprehend the private comments made public.


Predicaments & Uncertainties

This is a series of small scale works exploring the nature of encounter.  Based on the concept that models encourage a certain scrutiny, because the pieces plausibly refer to a real version somewhere else, these pieces encourage a contradiction of both exactness and playfulness.  Uncertainties and predicaments can be like that; and Speakers Corner though pertaining to language and speech, also seem odd and incapable of action, decision or dialogue as they remain mute and remote.


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