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Next Exhibition


At 142 Hamilton Road, Felixstowe, IP11 7DX

Artists residency and exhibition, in an artist-run gallery space, also drop-in individual workshops and interactions with the artist


Thursday 23 July to Wednesday 29 July, 10am - 4pm


New courses at Stokebridge Workshops, Ipswich.


The courses available for booking but may be postponed because of current restrictions.



> Creative Collage Workshop   

   -  23 May, 10am to 4pm


> Illustration Techniques Workshop   

   -   13 June 10am to 4pm


> Experimental Mixed Media Workshop   

    -   27 June 10am to 4pm






For those that either had been enrolled on, or would be intersted in my art classes at The Ipswich Institute.  Below are links to my Facebook Pages where I post examples of student work and also some of my examples.  It was very unfortunate that the last two classes of the spring term had to be cancelled, along with many other unfortunate things happening at the moment.  So I will be updating these pages over next few weeks and I will find some tips and tasks to add as well.



I will upload examples and tips for Creative Sketcbooking and A Brush with Drawing couses on this page  LINK:


I will upload examples and posts for Creative Printmaking on this page







This Bookart installation is to be exhibited at

Turn The Page Bookart Fair 2021.


The fair has been canceled for this year 2020 and will be rescheduled for next year 2021, with detail to be posted nearer the time.





I have work in the 4th Mini Prints Exhibition, which has been touring around from Artspace, Woodbride to Anteros Arts Foundation, Norwich; but not much else given the present circumstances.




Seasons exhibition at the Frame Workshop & Gallery

My next exhibition of work is with the Creative Freelance a group of creatives in Ipswich.

Starts Wednesday 1 May with PV at 6.30 and runs until 25 May 2019

The Frame Workshop & Gallery

22 St Nicholas Street, Ipswich, IP1 1TJ.

Mon 10am to 5pm, Tues to Fri am to 5pm, Sat 9am to 4.30pm.


Next Exhibition with my work in it:


Mini Prints at Artworks Cambridge

4 - 7 April 2019


I was invited by Mucha Murapa to talk on his Radio Suffolk show Monday 18 March.

A very interesting discussion and timing for me as I increase my time practicing as an artist artist.




I was invited to contribute to this exhibition themed around the use of words within images.


Exhibition of an eclectic mix of my work.  my second one man show.


Print, collage and drawing.



From the Asylum Studios Artists Residency, this is the largest graphite drawing I have ever done



This is  the title of my project and artists residency at Asylum Studios running from 14 May for two weeks.

There will be an exhibition and artists residency opening, as the summation of the eleven year project.  The artwork presented will include a wide selection of the accumulated completed works from the ongoing period of the  project and also works progressing during the residency.  It brings together art making with the everyday.  The work on show will be drawings, printmaking, assemblages, installations and maybe some painting.  All of the work on show relates to appropriation and transformation as key aspects and art concepts that inform the work, and form a bridge between the real and representation. The subject matter and content of the work addresses notions about our changing connection to the world.  The work highlights the mundane, the ubiquitous and the overlooked, with the intention of reassessing and restating the obvious and the everyday in curious, quirky and sometimes poignant ways.

Openings: Saturday 19 May 11am to 4pm. Interim opening  and Wednesday 23 May 5pm to 8pm. Concluding opening with all completed work on show.


I have work on exhibition at the Frame Workshop & Gallery in Ipswich during December 2017 and until 30 January 2018 and ongoing at The Minories Gallery shop, Colchester 



I continue to work on my Semulacrum project, since completing my artists residency at the University of Suffolk in June 2017.  I am working further ideas related to those while on residency and also developing other printmaking projects such as Reportage, which I started while on residency.


Simulacrum Exhibition

6 march - 25 March

The Waterfront Gallery, Ipswich.  

Open M-F 9.00am to 5.00pm, Sat 10.00am to 3.00pm


One man show exhibiting printmaking work from my artist's residency at the Univsersity of Suffolk.



Find it here:  University of Suffolk, Waterfront Building, 19 Neptune Quay, Ipswich IP4 1QJ

Artist's Residency at the University of Suffolk

I have been working in the print room at the University of Suffolk developing my work and realising ideas that have accumulated for printmaking.  The ideas relate to theories about the deluge of images that are the condition of our technological age, notions about 'the Copy' and how that might be considered in different ways.

I have started writing a blog on AN (Artists Newsletter, about the development, the ideas and the interactions with others during the residency. 

Here is the link: Simulacrum an artists residency


This year I have been showing work in Ipswich and Colchester open shows at The Foyer Space at Suffolk University, and at the Minories in Colchester, and my work was also selected for the birthday exhibition for The Pop My Mind project.

Currently and until 7 October at The Ipswich Art School Gallery in the Open Call exhibition.

I also have work in The Minories Gallery shop currently.

Exhibition of new work.

This is the first public showing of my recent painting, in fact painting as you never have perhaps quite seen it before. The exhibition includes a variety of artwork from 10 artists of the Creative Freelance group.  Discarded made Beautiful is the theme we all considered and all have responded to in very individual ways.

The Frame Workshop & Gallery, Ipswich, Suffolk. Open from Friday 3rd June to Saturday 25 June 2016.


Exhibition: SELECT at the Sentinel Gallery, Wivenhoe

My collage work is on show in the SELECT open exhibition. Starts 5 March and continues to 28 March.

Exhibition: MAD, at Freudian Sheep, Ipswich

I have work on show at Freudiansheep from 13 February to 4 March.



Promotion Poster for new course, more information on link

I have been developing a new course to run from January 2016.

Creative Sketchbooking.

The course explore layout, formating and presentation that will enhance the impact of the sketchbook for inspirartion and provide introduce a way of working that will help students explore, generate and develop ideas and concepts towards future new work.

Work in Smiths Row Open Exhibition 2015

Exhibition: Art for Business Scheme Exhibition

Working now on show at Kerseys Solicitors in Ipswich, from February to August 2015 as part of the Art for business scheme.

My work showing reflects concerns relating law and family fitting the context of the location.


Current Activity:

Working towards event in Ipswich Town Hall, 28 March 2015.

Producing new work and developing material for the event including demonstration examples for visitors to try out.


Current activity:

I have just completed the ReCreate Creative Entrepreneurs course at the Eastern Enterprise Hub, so I am currently reviewing and planning strategies.  I am working on promotional aspects as well as practicing as an artist at the moment so I am active behind the scenes at the moment.

December 3rd at EEHub in Ipswich is Market Day running through the afternoon and into the evening, so I will be showing some small works and cards.


Exhibition:  Gatherings

at The Freudian Sheep Contemporary Art Gallery

I have several pieces of work in this group show from Sat 11 Oct to Fri 31 Oct.

Details: Open Wed 10 - 2, Thurs 10 - 4, Fri 10 - 2, Sat 11 - 6, Preview Sat 11Oct 3 - 7pm.

Location: 104 St. Helens Street, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP4 2LB


Exhibition: Secrets

This exhibition by the PostMasters artists group presents a wide variety of work at The Minories Art Gallery, Colchester, Essex.  The exhibition starts 4 October 2014 and the exhibition continues until 15th November 2014. Contact the gallery for opening times.

The project explores interpretations of the theme eight of our members.

Preview 6pm to 9pm 3rd October 2014

Current work in progress

Currently during May to August I am working on a project called Secrets with my Post MA group.  AN exhibition of the project work is planned for later this year.

Exhibition of Recent Work

Recent work will go on show soon in a pop-up shop exhibition in Chelmsford.  The exhibition will include work by the AA2A artists on the residency scheme at Chelmsford College, which I run, along with work by some of the other college staff.  It will be an eclectic mix of work viewed from outside, exploring the nature of viewing artworks out of the white cube situation of most exhitions.


Current activity 


A new Section has been added to the Portfolio section RECENT WORK with samples of current projects that I am working on, and other ARCHIVE PROJECT sections are in the of being completed.

Fighting Teremiere As If

Work on exhibition; Art Ahoy! 15th - 29th August 2013

The Foyer, UCS Waterfront Building (Ipswich Maritime - 24th and 25th August 2013)

Producing work specially for the exhibition

Residency at Firstsite Gallery, Colchester, 25 July

Working on an independent site-specific project, invited as part of the Post MA group.

Work on exhibition: FOUR ARTISTS, 3 July - 27 July 2013

Venue: Frame Workshop Gallery, 22 St Nicholas Street Ipswich IP1 1TJ.

Recent work to be shown as an eclectic group exhibition

Work on Exhibition: Suffolk Showcase 2013, 6 April - 6 June

venue: Smiths Row, The Market Cross, Bury St Edmonds, Suffolk, IP33 1BT

Work selected for open exhibition.

Work on Exhibition: Atrium 2013, 28th March - 11th April

Venue: The Foyer at UCS Waterfront Building Neptune Quay Ipswich IP4 1QJ

This is the second annual exhibition of members of Atrium Studios, and as a member I will be submitting some work.





Currently I am working on further 'Photocuts' appropriating family photographs, other found photographs, found printed matter including packaging and books, and also I am working on a series of printmaking and installation ideas for future development.


I continue to engage in Post MA research which is also logged as I develop work in the projects.  The projects take the central themes and concepts in different directions.  But always questioning the nature of objects, images and experiences, and the unreliability or inconsistency of images and meaning; and how we might or might not expect to find things.



The progress of these projects are documented on my A-N Artists Talking Blog:

Un-fictions Snapshots etc

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