Steve Joyce


This series of work explores a consistent interest in language, as the form and format interacts with the content or concepts.  They question the contexts of reading, language structure, representation and communication.  These works either confirm or contradict the intended meaning or function, either by overstating the obvious or deferring context.


File Office Office File




Biographies is a piece consisting of paperback books cut to the profiles of unknown people from internet images who remain anonymous in their remoteness, as the book jackets are also peeled and blank.  The installation announces a potential and yet denies retrieval as the supposed stories remain in isolation, questioning the nature of our technological world.


Unbound book

Unbound Book is a piece that unravels its own structure as the bookmark made of masking tape has lifted each 'linking word' such as; and, with, of, which, was, were, from, for, from the text.  The book collapses conceptually as the intervention plays . . .



Old books altered to explore their connection, context or contradictions



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