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This is a recent project in its early stages which marks a return to painting, and a return to landscape.  The title anticipates the concept and approach for this project, in that it can be seperated in three ways to make a different statement.  It is as much about painting marks, as it is about subject matter or place.


Paintings, Drawings, (prints)


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Out of the Ordinary



This is an ongoing project exploring the relation between objects and images, by incorperating everyday objects in some way in the making of the artworks.


Installations, drawings, prints, collages


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This is an ongoing project exploring allegory and how we are inundated with images in our technological world.  Seeking to impede that deluge and prolong that moment of uncertainty and openness, reconsidering significations and notice different associations and meanings.


Printmaking, collage, installations


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This is long running project of experimentations with ideas, concepts, techniques, matters.  Some experiments have been developed into long standing projects in their won right.


Drawing, Collage, Painting, Printmaking


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This is a long running and ongoing project continuing to engage in drawing in many different ways


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An ongoing project exploring the book form and format, producing handmade artists books, installationa and printed books.


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This piece Biographies is to be exhibited at Turn The Page Bookart Fair 2021, details will be posted nearer the time.



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