Steve Joyce

A Construct of Time

A Construct of Time was a collaborative project where I invited artists to respond to the Ancient House in Ipswich.  Each artist would produce site specific work to explore their own interests and make thier own interpretations about the place and/or its history and/or its use.

Artsists Emma Reynolds, Margaret Wyllie, Chris Summerfield and myself worked on the project.


My contributions were, Monumental Heads which related to the history and present of the place and took its form from the decorative plaster work used in the construction of the house, an installation in the secret chapel where the moths and maps came together to share the history, and a book multiple relating to the past uses of the building as book shop and a printers, and its current use as a kitchenware shop with all its plastic and display packaging contrasting the age of the house with the pristine materials.


Monumental Heads challenge the notion of significance and value in the establishment of history by constructing monuments signifying those with a connection with the Ancient House including: King Charles II, Cardinal Wolsey, Winston Churchill, Thomas Gainsborough, Queen Elizabeth II, and an Unknown Shooper.


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