Steve Joyce


This is a long running and ongoing project of experimentation with ideas, concepts, materials, techniques, some of which expanded into projects of their own



Ranging from drawings, to collage and cutouts to printmaking and painting



Digitise Series

These recent works are samples from concurrerent projects that I am working on.  The various projects follow consistent ideas and are to be realised in series sets that will continue to be developed.




Etching/chine colle, Lino/monoprint

These prints are a selected from a project where museum objects, places to put things and securing devises are used in printmaking as a kind of record with a focus on our preoccupation with keeping.



Suspending Closure

This is a series of work investigating the nature of closure in representation and thought processes.  The series explores 'plausible' connections or relationships that playfully confound definition.  The images are constructed from abutting 10 x 15 cm photographs that are cut and peeled to isolate what they denote removing the full connotations and context allowing them to float unanchored to any predictable expectations.

Connectivity and Untitled Pairs are screenprinted developments of the idea.  Connectivity is a limited edition of 10 prints.




Photo etching on paper

This series of variations explores issues of authenticity and uniqueness.  Pints are often copies of originals and a simulacrum is an imitation of an original. I am interested here in creating a paradox where each image is an original while at the same time each is the same as the other seven copies or versions.




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