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Simulacrum: An Artist's Residency

This new blog follows my current activity in printmaking while on artist's residency at the University of Suffolk

New page, Teaching, has been added with examples of personal artwork in painting, drawing and mixed media. Also examples of my teaching sketchbooks, student artwork and student sketchbooks.


Some project work developing ideas within printmaking as well as collage, and recording the progress are on my a-n artists talking blog:

Un-Fiction Snapshots etc


Steve Joyce

Play Project

This project was a collaborative venture and centred on the practices of collage and assemblage.  I organised the project to be 'undirected' as far as possible so that all could contribute and direct the progress.  The only condition was that all the work had to be a response in some way to found materials and objects.  The participants changed over time as the project evolved and concluded with myself, Emma Johnson and Alex Pearl. 


The images above are representative documentation of the exhibition at St Marys on the Key 2007, and the images below represent some of the work I produced for the project from before and after that exhibition. 


The collaboration involved participants sharing strategies and approaches to working as well as our own ideas.  Our practice was revealed through a range of methods including: occasional workshops in each other's studios, passing objects for each other to respond to and reconstruct, and also through using strategies such as setting parameters and strategies like 'contradictions' and 'under the floor' to initiate work.

Further details are documented on the blog.


Project Blog Link:  Play Project

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