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Discarded Made Beautiful Project

This project Discarded Made Beautiful was a collaborative group project initiated by Malcolm Moseley with Creative-Freelance.  The idea was to create artworks from the everyday material that ordinarily would perhaps be thrown away.


My contribution was to adopt my Supplement series and develop additional ideas to produce mini supplement magazines, a postcard series and collages adapting the Supplement imagery to print onto interiors of envelopes  a range of outcomes and formats.  The mini magazines were laser printed to imitate the finish of newspaper supplements, the printed collages using screenprint and the postcards were screenprinted by under and over flooding the screen to create the inconsistent effects off franking machines.


Exhibition Statement


"The idea for my work for this project was to take the predictable pages of colour supplements and recreate images that obscure, challenge or reinvent the meanings and references of the originals. The works created all went through processes of collage, transformation and reformatting into different series. Each of the series took original images that were cut through and reorganised to create new images and some were scanned and processed further to create the supplement multiples or prepared for screen printing to create the postcard editions. The resulting images look somehow familiar and somehow disjointed and take on a new life contradicting and confirming their origins playfully and sometimes strangely."    Steve Joyce 2011


Further images are in the Supplements protfolio.

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