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Simulacrum: An Artist's Residency

This new blog follows my current activity in printmaking while on artist's residency at the University of Suffolk

New page, Teaching, has been added with examples of personal artwork in painting, drawing and mixed media. Also examples of my teaching sketchbooks, student artwork and student sketchbooks.


Some project work developing ideas within printmaking as well as collage, and recording the progress are on my a-n artists talking blog:

Un-Fiction Snapshots etc


Steve Joyce

The Simulacrum Series



Photo etching on paper


This series of variations explores issues of authenticity and uniqueness.  Pints are often copies of originals and a simulacrum is an imitation of an original. I am interested here in creating a paradox where each image is an original while at the same time each is the same as the other seven copies or versions.




Tracing the Everyday

Screen print on paper


Tracing the Everyday is a series of screen prints using a doily that is further cut-out, plus a significant colour to create short runs of prints which recontextualise the everyday object and suggests a disassociation or incongruity.




Difference & Distraction


Screen print and screen print plus inks


These works follow an interest in recognition and closure as we read images.  In particular the uncertainty of suspending closure.  In our technological age we are in inundated with images which we may often find have a certain unreliability and inconsistency.




Etching/chine colle, Lino/monoprint


These prints are a selected from a project where museum objects, places to put things and securing devises are used in printmaking as a kind of record with a focus on our preoccupation with keeping.




Monotype and moonoprint techniques


This is a selection work from my print projects exploring relationships between visual memory and the appropriation of old photographs, along with the addition of textures and mark-making to bring in other senses of memory.


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